In CaptivateIQ a payout is the final output from a commission plan calculation. An organization can have multiple plans. Plans have the following hierarchy:

  • Plan
    • Period Group
      • Payout Dates
      • Employee Assumptions
      • Calculation Workbook
      • Statement

A commission plan can have multiple period groups (like quarters i.e Q1, Q2, Q3 etc) and a period group can have multiple payout dates. Payouts are associated with these payout dates.

Ex. An organization can have an "AE Plan" with the following period groups:

  • Q1-2021
  • Q2-2021
  • Q3-2021
  • Q4-2021

Each period group has employee assumptions data and a calculation workbook where payout calculations are executed.

Under each period group, there are a set of payout dates, like the following:

  • Period Group: Q1-2021
    • Payout Date: 2021-01-01
    • Payout Date: 2021-02-01
    • Payout Date: 2021-03-01

Once commission calculations are complete, they must be processed. Processing generates a "Payout Snapshot" which contains final payout numbers, as well as, all the associated calculations and inputs. Processed payouts have one final step, which is locking. When payouts are processed but unlocked, they are not yet visible to the corresponding employee as a statement. Unlocked payouts can be modified with adjustments at the administrator's discretion. Once a payout is locked, it can no longer be modified and becomes visible as a statement to the corresponding employee.

From here, you can export payout summaries, employee assumptions, adjustments or calculation worksheets related to payout snapshots. Search by available filters such as payout dates, plans and period groups.

Note: Payouts can be unlocked and reprocessed multiple times if calculations need to be corrected by an administrator. Each time the payout is processed a new payout snapshot is generated.